Production Process

The Effortless Bow sells handmade hair bows and hair accessories for babies, toddlers, young girls & their mamas. Everything is hand made here locally in South Dakota.


Production is done in stages. The Effortless Bow has hired local independent makers who are skilled in sewing and assembly. They cut various fabrics for different patterns. Sew and/or assemble the different styles of bows.

Makers are transitioning to more time in the studio and less time at home to create a cohesive inclusive studio.


We work together to finish the bows, make sure they are all assembled safely, and in correct sets.


We prepare the packaging by cutting and hole punching. Then someone apply warning labels & price tags. Bows are taped to the packaging to secure them.


Products are displayed in the studio which makes packing orders fun and simple! Having the bows displayed in the studio also allows for stop in shopping. We are open select hours, but you are welcome to stop and shop when we are here!

Our Hours & Location


Lastly, we pack all the orders by preparing them for in studio pick up, or shipping. We get excited when the bows head out the door to a new home!

We prep all our products for various craft shows or in studio events.