Frequently Asked Questions

I have extra fabric, can you make me ONE or TWO custom bow for us?

Sorry! We’d love to be able to provide you with a custom bow to match your favorite outfit, or from leftover fabric but we cannot.  We do have custom bow options made with custom printed fabrics, or spirit bows. 

What size should I buy?

Is there something for us or a way for us to support this mission? We don’t wear bows in our home!

Yes! Check out our MERCH section

Also check out our amazon wish list that has essential items that our staff with disabilities use to make their work more accessible!

Should I shop online or in the studio?

The studio does provide the ability to meet some of the makers, and see the work being done but the same items are available online.  Our work studio is currently shoppable, but we are not a true storefront.  

If you choose to shop in the studio, please know we do not accept cash.

When I shop in the studio what should I expect?

Our studio is where we make and work. It is our creative space where we create, problem solve, and support each other.  Our primary focus in the studio is making products and building skills.  You may see work in progress, tables piled with future releases, or find that we are resetting our inventory storage.   We invite you into this space knowing that you will find joy in seeing all that we can accomplish together.

How do I care for my bows and accessories?

Should a bow or headband become dirty, it is best to spot clean the bow with mild detergent and a damp rag.  Vegan Leather bows should wipe clean easily, another reason they are our best sellers. Please do not submerge bows or headbands in water or place in a washing machine. We stand by our product and our process to make them, but submerging them in water can weaken the adhesives used, and make them unsafe to wear.

Monthly Subscription Boxes

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Monthly Subscription Boxes!? Tell me more…

Our subscription boxes are another way we create more accessible work while providing you with seasonal/holiday bows at a discounted price. 

Our subscription boxes come in 3 different size clips and one size of headbands. You can review our sizing guide prior to ordering to determine the best size for you. If you need further assistance, email

What is the cut off date for ordering or modifying monthly subscription boxes? 

New subscriptions need to be received by the 25th of the month prior to the bows being received. You can modify orders, change sizes, etc until the 25th as well.

How do the payments work for the subscription boxes?

New subscriptions are always charged when the order is placed. New subscriptions received between the 1st- 25th of the month will ship out around the 25th of that month.

One exception to the cut off dates is JULY BOWS. Because Independence Day is so early in July, the cut off date for July subscription bows is June 20th!