Mary Spargur

Our brand is all about empowering individuals to achieve their goals. Meet Mary, the heart and brains behind The Effortless Bow. Starting from humble beginnings in the corner of her home, she's built a thriving community of capable individuals ready to take on anything.

Building Our Brand

Shipping Coordinator

Scotty B

Introducing Scotty! He's our go-to guy for packing bows and handling all the shipping operations, not to mention packing and unpacking for craft shows. His passion for sports is infectious and inspiring, and it shows in his very own collection of sports-themed bows. Yes, he has Down Syndrome, but nothing can stop him. We're proud to have him on our team. Catch him cheering on his favorite teams at the next football game! Check out Scotty's Sports Corner where all the best sports bows and accessories can be found!

Scotty's Sports Corner

Creative Maker


Say Hello to Rylee! She's an incredible artist, a college student, and a valued member of The Effortless Bow team. As our lead Creative Maker, Rylee curates new bow sets, and creates flawless vegan leather bows. Despite the challenges she's faced with autism, Rylee has pushed past others' expectations and built a life she loves. Her favorite art mediums are watercolor and pencil, but she also creates stunning work with acrylic paints. We're proud to have Rylee as part of our team!

Rylee's Collection