Important Information & FAQs For Guided Work daysz

Guided Work days are hosted by Mary Spargur and her business The Effortless Bow. 

The Host: Mary Spargur has 11 years experience in special education classrooms teaching students with autism, ADHD, multiple disabilities, and medical complexities. She also has a Bachelor's degree in Special Education & Elementary Education and a Master's degree in Special Education-Intellectual Disabilities.  Read more about Mary HERE.

The Work: Individuals will complete tasks based on their strengths and areas of interest. Tasks may include sorting bows and accessories, putting labels on items, taping accessories to the display cards, assembling the sets, sorting sets by size, etc. So many skills that are often overlooked! There is so much everyone can contribute. See more of the finished products here.

The intention: Guided Work days are intended for individuals with intellectual/multiple disabilities who are still on a journey with their employment. The individual may not know if a job is desired. Individuals may not have interest in having a job every day, every week.  Guided Work days are scheduled approximately one Saturday per month. Individuals can work up to four hours per Saturday.

Are Guided Work Days right for us (or a family member, loved one, etc)?

-Guided Work Days are designed for individuals who struggle in typical work settings due to short attention spans, inability to complete work independently, works at a slower pace, needs “too many” accommodations for typical structured work, etc.  

The ideal worker for Guided Work Days is a range of awesome. Anywhere from needing physical prompting or physical assistance to independently able to work but can only work for an hour. Maybe the intention was to work a two hour shift,  but the individual got distracted, hungry, or irritated and needed to leave early. That’s okay!  Take a break & come back. Call it quits and try again next time. You’ll be paid for the time put in. Individuals must be at least 16 years old

What if we are too nervous to just drop off?! 

Being nervous is normal. Caregivers and family/friends are welcome to stay.  Transitions to new places are hard. Trusting someone else to make sure needs are being met is hard. Caregivers are welcome to stay as long as desired.  Support staff are all highly trained to work with individuals with multiple disabilities.  Staffing is based on individual needs.  Staff will be introduced to caregivers and all individuals prior to caregivers leaving.

Why is this work important?

The Effortless Bow is providing a non committal structured work environment for individuals who haven’t found work elsewhere!   Employment plays a significant role in our wellbeing, both mentally and physically. Beyond the actual work being done, we can build friendships, connections outside our home, identity, and self-worth. 

What happens if we need to leave earlier than planned?

New things are hard. Plan to stay to support the transition. Stick around once work has started.  And if the work shift has to end sooner than planned, that is okay! Payment is based on time completed. 

If our first shift doesn’t go well, will we be allowed to come back?

Absolutely! Again, NEW THINGS ARE HARD!   If physical aggression or danger to others was a concern, we would meet individually to discuss details. Everyone should feel safe and welcome at work. 

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